About Painted Jay Publishing LLC

Founded in 2003 by Alexandria Levin, Painted Jay Publishing is an artist-run small publishing company, producing books for artists and other creative people. The main goal of Painted Jay Publishing is to help change and improve things for all artists, filling in the gaps that exist in currently available information; in business, knowledge of the art world, education and creative processes.

Painted Jay Publishing came into being during a transitional period between New Mexico and settling into Pennsylvania, when the founder found herself without a painting studio for a year. Since writing had been put on hold for many years, this became the ideal time to awaken written ideas that had been dormant for so long.

Alexandria Levin is an experienced artist, writer, teacher, designer and web developer. She is hopelessly creative, perceptive, organized and ethical. See the about the author page for more information. To see her artwork: www.alexalev.com

The first two books published by Painted Jay Publishing were completed in 2003: 'Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence' and 'Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks'. Both books have since been updated and revised, and then published as ebooks in the spring of 2014. 'Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks' has been renamed; 'Drawing Out the Muses'. Both revised books are now available in print as well. New books are in the planning stages.

Recent Projects
During much of the past few years, Alexandria Levin has been developing a new body of work in semi-abstract landscapes in oil. She has also been writing lyric-poetry, and in 2011 co-facilitated a Monday evening online poetry group. And she has been constantly upgrading her skills in website design and development, along with other graphic projects and endeavors.

Meanwhile, Painted Jay Publishing had been somewhat dormant for a few years until recently, as all good things need a time of respite to come back vibrant and energized. New books are now in the early stages of being produced, with notes being kept for future projects. Articles and excerpts have been outlined and are ready for periodicals, both in print and online, on relatively short notice. Ms. Levin has also been writing articles for LinkedIn Pulse.

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