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Drawing Out the Muses
Find and develop unlimited creative inspiration from the everyday world

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Newly revised and updated from 'Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks'.

Drawing Out the Muses is based on the premise that visual inspiration can be found anywhere; in nature, with household objects, though sound, using raw visual elements, dreams and even from being uninspired. This book shows you how sources of creativity can be found absolutely everywhere, and at anytime; while giving you countless ways of looking at absolutely anything resulting in infinite forms of expression.

Artists will learn about the nature of creativity and different ways of seeing things, with over 300 fun and serious examples, step-by-step processes, exercises, ideas, explorations, things to do, and ways of interpreting the world around you, most with multiple variations from which to choose. Every last one is designed to give you something to work on or play with, while helping to spark your own creativity in the process.

Drawing Out the Muses was written for all visual artists by any definition, who may be at any career level from beginner to accomplished professional, and working in any medium, including traditional crafts. It is for any visually-oriented person who is interested in expanding their own creativity. Designers, students, hobbyists, educators, workshop leaders and event planners will find this book considerably useful.

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Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence
An extensive step-by-step guide to pricing artwork and fine craftwork

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence book cover

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Revised and updated from the original.

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence is a detailed guide to understanding and calculating the actual cost of creating artwork, while helping artists of all kinds develop a solid pricing structure with easy step-by-step calculations spelled out in artist-friendly math. This book is written by an experienced artist who believes that knowledge is power.

Topics include: becoming comfortable with money issues, how to separate business and creativity when necessary, the economy and the art market, consistency, sales commissions, raising prices, how to develop growth in your career and as an artist, how not to lose money, and how you already give back and contribute. Included in Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence are numerous examples, tables and extensive lists for how to find your direct and overhead costs, and how to track material and other expenses, as well as your time and labor.

Beyond the easy math and simple organizational tools, less tangible matters are discussed as they relate to pricing, such as understanding your experience and background as an artist and learning to be objective about your own artwork. Revised and updated from the original printing, Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence is a unique and invaluable tool for any artist serious about their professional career.

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Both books make great birthday, graduation, holiday or anytime gifts for artists, artisans, hobbyists, students, or for anyone interested in creative and professional growth.

“The writing is lucid, smart and thorough. I’m impressed with how successfully Ms. Levin has navigated through the complex systems of everything from commerce to non-profit, and to see how lucky those who read the book will be to have a resource from someone who not only knows the field inside and out, but who can, and did, write about it.”
- Scott Davis, photographer

Author Alexandria Levin has been painting since 1975 and exhibiting since1981. Over the years, she has been deeply involved with most phases of both the business and creative ends of being an artist. Hopelessly organized, outrageously creative, naturally perceptive and always ethical, her main goal in writing these two books is to change and improve things in general for all artists.

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