Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence is the only detailed guide dedicated to helping artists understand and calculate the actual cost of creating their artwork. This one-of-a-kind book is the path to clarity on a subject that all-too-often has been shrouded in mystery. There is no reason for guesswork anymore, such as:

• Are you unsure how to go about pricing your art?
• How can you justify your prices to collectors, and feel confident doing so?
• Does it seem as though you are giving your work away?
• Does it feel like you might be losing money with each sale.
• Are you tired of being ripped-off by people who bargain to get your work cheap?
• Are you ready to stop feeling lost about something that is essential to your general well-being?

Written by an artist with a mind for math, logic and perception, as well as a deep interest in fair-play for her fellow artists, Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence lays out step-by-step means of coming to a solid pricing structure for your creative work. Cold, hard, yet simple, math is balanced with measuring the realities of the marketplace and where you find yourself at this time within the artworld. Chapters on growth, moving forward, and valuing what you do are included.

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence is a must-have for any artist serious about their professional career.

From the chapter: The Calculations

There was this one nagging moment after this one particular exhibition when I began to sense that something was not quite. I wasn’t all that sure I had actually made any money from the two sales I had at the reception.

So, a few days later I made a few lists and did a little math, and I soon realized that with most of my painting sales I was earning less than the federal minimum wage for my time. My share of the sale price after commission barely covered the cost and expense of creating the work, and sometimes not even that. There were times when not only did I not earn anything, but I was actually paying money out of my own pocket to sell my art. This was when I began to make extensive and accurate lists for myself as a painter.

Knowledge is Power

I already had complete records for material costs and business expenses directly related to being an artist. I had been keeping track of this information for tax purposes. I knew what money was going where and why. In early 1999 I began to keep track of time, the other part of the equation, which could then be divided into two components; time spent on the creation of each individual piece of artwork and time spent doing general support work. I knew that I spent a significant amount of time doing essential things besides painting at the easel. I just didn’t know how much that was until I started recording the exact hours.

Knowledge is power. By keeping these records you will know how much work you actually do, and how much money you really spend on creating and sustaining your artwork. These numbers will help form and then legitimize your pricing structure.

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence – Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Artists and Money, Artists and Business, Just Plain Money, About this Book
2. Pricing Rationale
3. The Calculations
Knowledge is Power, About Overhead Expenses, Calculating Costs for Figuring Overhead, Costs and Expenses, About Running Averages for Finding Overhead Expenses, Two Other Issues in Considering Overhead, Time Sheets, A Living Wage, Calculating Your Living Wage, Math is Your Friend, Putting it All Together, No Time Like the Present, Beyond the Bottom Line, A Few More Notes
4. What Goes Into a Painting
Monetary Expenses, Time/Work/Labor Related to Art-Making, Time/Work/Labor Related to Business and Career, Experience and Background as an Artist, Level of Technical Skill, Creativity, Originality, A Few More Words
5. What Goes Into Other Mediums
How to Make Your Own Material and Expense Lists, How to Make Your Own Time and Labor Lists, The Tools and Materials Lists
6. Giving It Away
Exhibiting for Free, Non-Profit Exhibiting, The Costs of Exhibiting, Open Studios, Loans and Rentals, Donations, Donations – A Few of My Experiences, Donations – Developing Your Own Policy, Giving It Away With the Help of Galleries, Affordable Art, Selling Too Low
7. Consistency
Being Consistent with Your Pricing Structure, Cheap Art, Affordability, Selling Out of the Studio, Studio Sales Events, What to Do with Artwork that Just Needs to Go, Holding Steady, Consistency in Discounting
8. Sales Commissions
Calculating Sales Commissions, Non-Gallery Commissions, Paying Commissions on Framing, Paying Commissions to Galleries, Galleries and Discounts, Commissions on Studio Sales, What Galleries Do for Their Percentage, In Conclusion on Commissions
9. Raising Prices
About Raising Prices on Your Art, Perceived Value, Overpriced Artwork, How to Raise Your Prices, Your Price List
10. Growth
Growth in Your Career, Growth Despite the Economy, Growth in Business, Growth as an Artist
11. The Variable Factors
The Economy and the Art Market, Price Ranges in the Art Market, Cumulative Experience, Being Objective About Your Artwork, Checking Your Career Level, Comparing Creativity Levels, Reputation and Recognition, Educational Background
12. Value
Why Art Has Value, Finding the Value in an Individual Piece of Art, The Value of Artists to Society, The Value of Artists to the Economy
13. Confidence
Gratitude, Community
14. An Addendum for These Times

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence book cover

Pricing Your Artwork
with Confidence

An extensive step-by-step
guide to pricing artwork and
fine craftwork

Updated and revised from the original book.

Painted Jay Publishing
Author: Alexandria Levin
ebook ISBN: 978-0-9743267-3-3
$8.99 US ebook
$14.99 US print
First Edition Ebook
Second Edition Book
© 2014

Cover design – Alexandria Levin
Cover painting: Trunk Bottom
© 2009, Alexandria Levin

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