Links of Interest to Artists

Western States Arts Federation
ArtistsRegister is the web presence of WESTAF. This is one of the best web sites for artists around, and it’s not just for western artists anymore. This link will direct you to articles of interest for artists, including four by Alexandria Levin. Scroll to 2004 and 2005 for articles excerpted and paraphrased from the book Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence.

Artist Career Training
“Business sense for the art world.” Artist Career Training operates as a virtual university, delivering expert art marketing advice and art business tools to prospering fine artists all over the world. Free e-newsletter.

Art and Healing Network
The Art and Healing Network is an online resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art.

Successful Self-Employment
Advice and resources for business owners (such as independent artists) who want to integrate spiritual values into their work - but aren’t always sure how to combine spirituality with practical business success. Free e-newsletter.

Art Opportunities Monthly
Monthly list of opportunities carefully hand-selected for professional visual artists. Juried competitions, grants, fellowships, public art commissions, residencies and other sources of money for artists.

Women, Trauma & Visual Expression by Amy Stacey Curtis, 2005.
Drawing from extensive research, surveys, interviews and personal experience, this book discusses trauma's history, content, symbols, archetypes, patterns, work process, and stigma in the context of women artists and their imagery.

Alexandria Levin
Oil Paintings

Dark, beautiful, strange and colorful contemporary realist and semi-surrealist oil paintings; featuring plush creatures, stuffed animals, slightly peculiar still-lifes, semi-abstracted landscapes and a showcase of earlier allegorical paintings.

Alexandria Levin
Graphic Design & Web Development
Illustrated Lyric Poetry
This is a portal site; a doorway to some of my worlds, and specifically an entrance to a small piece of online planet designed and designated for showcasing graphic design and lyric poetry.

Bright Pink Smile
Arts Blog

An independent and different sort of art blog; a place to opine, wax poetic, share inspiration and vent steam. Bright Pink Smile offers advice, musings and monthly creativity exercises. It is about being an artist, and is meant for artists and other curious folks. Bright Pink Smile is on temporary haitus while other projects are being persued. However, all archives are fully accessible.

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