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Alexandria Levin has been invited to write articles for LinkedIn Pulse, and as of late November, 2014, there are six articles and counting. These articles are, and/or will be, a mix of paraphrased excerpts from Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence and Drawing Out the Muses, as well as advice gleaned from years of experience as a fine artist and professional freelance graphic designer.

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence and Drawing Out the Muses are now available on the Kobo ebook platform.

Coming Soon

New books are being outlined at this time.


Need a clean, functional, easy-to-navigate and attractive custom website?

Alexandria is also an experienced graphic artist and web designer, offering professional one-of-a-kind sites for artists and small creative businesses. For super-creative, experienced, high-quality, organized and well-recommended personal service, click the links below.

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Earlier Events

Alexandria is an Art World Expert with Artist Career Training.

A.C.T. Public TeleClasses featuring Alexandria's expertise on pricing, creativity and the value of perseverance to artists. See the links page for more info on A.C.T. Recorded and transcripted information from all classes below are available through Artists Career Training.

1. Pricing Your Art with Confidence - Part 1 “Math is Your Friend”
2. Pricing Your Art with Confidence - Part 2 ”Balancing Value and Price”
3. A.C.T. Tapping Your Inner Strength Series “Perseverance”

"I listened to the Alexandria Levin recording today. She made a tough subject – pricing one's art – sound so sensible! I ordered her book. Thanks for thinking to invite her as a guest speaker. She was very good." - H.M., Massachusetts

More new things to come...

More titles are on the way, starting in 2016. Bookmark this page. Check back often for news and previews.

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